Build Youth Bhutan

Build Youth Bhutan Education Consultancy and Placement Firm is an education consultancy and placement firm, under the trading name Build Youth Bhutan, registered with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment (MoICE). The firm operates under the guidance and regulations of the Higher Education Quality Council (HEQC), Bhutan Qualifications and Professionals Certification Authority (BQPCA), affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Skills Development.

The firm has been in active business since August 2013.

Build Youth Bhutan is strongly guided by the following vision, mission and objectives:


To be the trusted Education Consultancy and Placement Agent, recognised for our services.”


To be a bridge between the education providers and students and connect them for global education opportunities.


The objectives of Build Youth Bhutan are:

  1. To help students and learners realise the aspirations of studying abroad, by offering counselling and consultancy services. 
  2. To connect the learners to choose the right study areas and programs at the education provider of their choice;
  3. To contribute to the nation’s goal of developing the right skills and competencies in our youth, for a better future of our country.