About Murdoch University:

From our beginnings as a free-thinking university to the global centre for learning, teaching, research and industry we are today, we have never lost sight of our purpose.

With more than 23,000 students and 1,700 staff from across 90 different countries, we are proud to be recognised for the impact that our free-thinking graduates, life-changing research, and innovative campus and industry developments have made – both in Western Australia and around the world.

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Courses Duration Fees (AU$)
Master of Business Administration (Global) 2 Years 66,262.00
Master of Communication 2 Years 66,262.00
Master of Community Development 2 Years 56,123.00
Master of Education (Course work) 1.5 Year 41,953.00
Master of Engineering 2 Years 68,734.00
Master of Human Resource Management 2 Years 66,262.00
Master of Information Technology 2 Years 56,866.00
Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced) 2 Years 66,262.00
Master of Public Policy and Management 2 Years 71,453.00
Master of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2 Years 68,734.00
Master of Sustainable Development 2 Years 56,123.00

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You may be eligible to International Welcome Scholarship of up to AU$ 11000