This is the first step towards making a decision to study abroad. During this session, our counsellors will talk and interact with you on your interest, ambitions, your qualification etc. Together, in close consultation with you, they will provide study options based on your interest, career choice and your qualification.

The counseling also includes GTE assessment to determine if the student is likely to receive offer. The counselor may refuse to process the students application if the GTE circumstances evidences are weak or if the counselor is convinced that the student is unlikely to have a successful visa outcome.

The counsellor will advice the student of the total financial requirements for filing visa application.

Generating HAP ID for health assessment

We provide free assistance in generating HAP ID


The enrolment process will take the student through filling and submitting of student application to the indentified institute. The institute will make the decision to accept or deny enrollment to the student based on the application and various evidentiary documents submitted.

If students are seeking recognition of prior learning (RPL) to reduce their course duration, they should obtain a detailed course descriptor from their respective institute duly certified by the dean of academics or equivalent position holder. The assessment for credits to be awarded for RPL will be determined by the education provider. This might lead to delay in receiving the offer.

Documentation process

Our counselor will provide a checklist of documents required for substantiating successful visa outcome. This includes review of statement of purpose and many other documents.

Pre-departure briefing

We provide one-on-one / group pre-departure briefing. During the session, you will be made aware of various visa conditions that you will be required to comply with, living conditions and estimated weekly expenses, work rights, OSHC, weather, phone and laptop etc. The students will have a good understanding of Australia, and will be better prepared for their new environment.

Facilitate payments

We facilitate payment of online visa application fee and payment of initial payments to colleges based on the offer letter for obtaining COE.

Filing of Partner/Dependent visa application

We facilitate documentation and filing of partner/dependent visa application.

Filing of Visitor visa application

We facilitate documentation and filing of visitor visa application.