Hear from our CLients

Name: Damcho Dorji

Course: Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Wildlife Biology)

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“I have always wanted to upgrade my qualification (Diploma in Forestry) to overcome the stagnation in career advancement prevalent in Civil Service for not having adequate qualification. I approached Build Youth Bhutan ECPF and received the best advice and guidance to pursue a Bachelor program in Australia. It was with their guidance and methodological counseling approach that ECU approved credits for my existing diploma qualification which not only reduces tuition fees, but also duration. I will now be able to complete the Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Wildlife Biology) in less than three years at ECU

I was also equally impressed by the welcoming attitude of the friendly staff and the proprietor who takes upon himself to review the SOP thoroughly. All these made me feel comfortable and confident, and it was no surprise that my visa application was successful. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan for your wonderful support and services.”




Name: Vicky Namgyel

Course: Master of Business Administration International

Institute: Edith Cowan University

Hello, my name is Vicky Namgyel and I’m currently in Perth pursuing my Masters in Business Administration (International) through the help of Build Youth Bhutan, an overseas education Consultancy. With their specialized skills and close knit networking skills they are one of the best agencies around that cater to your educational demands. In the pursuit of my hopes of finding the right agency to work with I have come across quiet a few that work hard but none have matched the services provided by this agency simply because of how each member of the organization including the CEO takes active part in each of the steps of your paperwork and guides you through the process with constant calls, text messages, reminders and not to mention taking extra precautionary steps. I’m currently in Perth, Australia because of their services and I happily recommend Build Youth Bhutan to anyone who also wishes to pursue studies abroad.

Name: Sangay Yoezer Wangchuk

Course: Bachelor of Commerce

Institute: Deakin University

“With only two months left I did not think I would make it in time for college as I was loosing time. The proprietor and staff at Build Youth Bhutan were very efficient and helpful. From what I experienced it wasn’t just a client based relationship but they showed huge concerns and cared about my future as they counseled about the future market.
Towards the end, with such little time left they really worked for my college and visa application and it was successful. I m really glad I chose Build Youth Bhutan to help me achieve my goals”

Name: Pema Tshering

Course: Master of Professional Design

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“I sought the services of Build Youth Bhutan for my dream to study in Australia. I was impressed by their attention to detail services. I knew then that I was in the right hands and my dreams came true. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan for making it happen.”

Name: Tashi Dorji

Course: Master of Professional Accounting

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“You are sure to be sure provided you get it done through competent and reliable Consultancy Firm. Thanks BYB”

Name: Ugyen Choda

Course: Master of Project Management

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“Thank you Buildyouth Bhutan for your awesome service. It would not have been possible without such support like yours.”

Name: Rinchen Wangmo

Course: Master of Communication

Institute: Murdoch University

“Thank you Build Youth Bhutan. Your services set you apart from the rest.”

Name: Minjur Dorji

Course: Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced)

Institute: Murdoch University

“Thank you Build Youth Bhutan and all other Institutions and Individuals who helped me to sail our ship in our dream ocean. I shall always remain grateful to you ALL for your timeless support and guidance”

Name: Dorji Wangmo

Course: Master of Community Development

Institute: Murdoch University

“Thank you so much Build Youth Bhutan for your GREAT SUPPORT and GUIDANCE towards achieving my dream. The GRATITUDE I have for you can hardly be expressed by words.
Thank you for EVERYTHING”

Name: Chimi Selden Wangmo

Course: Certificate III in Aviation [Cabin Crew]

Institute: South Metropolitan TAFE

“The day I stepped into their office, the friendly staff made me feel comfortable with their polite attitude and detailed counseling. They would follow with calls and email reminder if anything was amiss. I am so thankful for having chosen the right education agent. Kadrinche Build Youth Bhutan .”

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