Build Youth Bhutan is committed to provide each client the confidence you need to realise your dream of studying abroad. Our services are personalised to your needs. 

Currently, we have institutional linkages with education providers in Australia and Canada (active link). We provide and facilitate end-to-end services to help you achieve your higher education. Our services include, but not limited to:

Counselling and consulting

Build Youth Bhutan has certified counsellors, who can help you decide on choosing the right study program. Our counsellors will listen to you and assess your interests, ambitions, qualifications, experiences and future goals. Together, in close consultation with you and based on your qualification, interests, and career choice, they will provide the study options. 

The counselling session also includes Genuine Student assessment to determine the likelihood of receiving an Offer Letter. 

The counsellor will advise on the English Proficiency and Financial Requirements which will be required to undertake a study program. 

(Note: Clients are welcomed to contact/visit the office as many times as you wish, to seek clarification, advice and information on your application). 


We will advise you on the necessary documents required to support your study application. It is important to note that complete documentation is a crucial aspect of the application process and our role is to ensure all important documents are submitted with the application. 

Admission to colleges/universities

We apply for admission to colleges/universities on your behalf and where required, follow up on the Offer Letter. 

Facilitate payment of tuition and other fees

We provide payment advice for advance tuition fee, health insurance and visa fees. 

Financial advice

An applicant is required to demonstrate financial capacity to undertake a study program. We advise you on the adequate finances required to support yourself and accompany dependents, if any. 

Creation of HAPID for medical screening and check up

Once registered with us, for study in Australia, we help to generate HAPID for your medical screening and check up. For study in Canada, we advise and provide information, where required, to facilitate the medical check up.


Overseas Student Health Coverage

Build Youth Bhutan is a registered agent of BUPA and NIB health insurance providers. We facilitate Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) for students and their dependents. 

Appointment for auxiliary processes

For study in Australia: Appointment for biometrics is set up at the next available slot soon after lodging the visa. 

For study in Canada: Our services include seeking appointment at your preferred centre/country and helping with courier of passport to and from the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi.


Pre-Departure Briefings

It is our utmost concern that you prepare adequately to travel for your study. We provide a pre-departure briefing to help you prepare. The session includes important information on travel and arrival at the destination (immigration requirements, visa conditions, living conditions, expenses, work rights, OSHC, weather, phone and laptop, etc). We ensure the students and accompanying dependents have a good understanding of the destination country and be better prepared for their new environment.