Mr. Pema Tashi is the owner and managing proprietor of Build Youth Bhutan. He lived in Perth, Australia in 2011-2012, accompanying his wife during her higher studies. It was the enriching experience he had during his stay abroad that inspired him to establish the firm, to be able to assist aspiring and potential students to pursue higher education.

Mr. Tashi is one of the few certified Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC) in Bhutan. He applies the merits of the qualification to ensure the clients make the most appropriate choices for their education, career and future goals. Driven by deep interests in helping young students and learners to choose the right study programs, he invests his free time to keep himself updated with the latest information on the educational developments in Bhutan and around the world. 

Mr. Tashi has extensive and diverse professional experience, having worked with international companies, financial institutions and corporate sectors.