About Edith Cowan College:

Edith Cowan College (ECC) is located in Perth, Western Australia. It is an accredited Australian tertiary education and English Language provider, designed to provide higher education courses. ECC provides alternative pathways programs for students who may not meet the entry requirements and prepares them for higher degrees at Edith Cowan University (ECU). ECC offers a supportive learning environment for students and empowers them to ready themselves to achieve higher degrees at ECU.

Visit:  https://www.edithcowancollege.edu.au/


The following pathway programs and courses are provided at ECC:

English Language Intensive  Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)/ Academic English Program (AEP) 

  • For future students who do not meet the English Language entry requirements. 
  • Length of the course, usually between 10-14 weeks, is assessed based on applicant’s level of English and intended course of study. 


  • A diploma from ECC is equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree and students can progress directly to the 2nd year of the chosen Bachelor’s course at ECU.


    1. Diploma Year 1 – for those who completed Year 11 or equivalent;
    2. Diploma Year 2 – for those who completed Year 12 or equivalent.

Foundation Program

  • It is a pathway to university-level studies for international students. It is equivalent to Year 12 and university foundation programs and is a year-long program. 
  • The course consists of either General or Science stream and prepares students for further entry to a ECC diploma or ECU bachelor’s degree.

Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP)

  • It is a one-semester non-award program for students who do not qualify for direct entry into master’s level study at ECU. 
  • The program equips students with the knowledge, skills and English language proficiency for entry into master’s degrees at ECU.


Merit scholarships and awards are offered to international students.

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