About Murdoch University:

Murdoch University, located in Perth, Western Australia, and with additional campuses in Singapore and Dubai, was established on July 25, 1973, becoming the second university in the state. Its inaugural intake of undergraduate students commenced their studies in 1975. The university derives its name from Sir Walter Murdoch (1874–1970), the Founding Professor of English and former Chancellor of the University of Western Australia.

Murdoch University is renowned for its lush campus and holds membership in the Innovative Research Universities consortium. In 2018, it gained recognition for producing the most employable graduates among all Australian universities within three years of completing their courses. Additionally, in 2019, the university earned the third-place ranking in overall student satisfaction among all public universities in Western Australia.

Visit: https://www.murdoch.edu.au/


Murdoch offers courses at different levels, namely Honours, Postgraduate, Research and Undergraduate, in range of areas.

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Alumni 25% Fee Tuition Discount:

Murdoch offers a 25% reduction in postgraduate fees if you’ve finished your undergraduate degree in the past 12 months and are transitioning into an eligible postgraduate course (excludes honours) without a break in study.?

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Welcome Back International Scholarship

With Australian and Western Australian borders opening in 2022, Murdoch is welcoming back international students with a 20% fee reduction scholarship for their course duration.

We encourage you to apply and accept your offer to start studying in 2022 and beyond.

Murdoch looks forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Perth campus as you join our global community of pioneering minds.

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