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Name: Kinga Phuntsho Pelmo

Course: Bachelor OF Engineering (Civil) Honours

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

Very efficient and quick! Thanks for all your help la :))

Name: Sherub Wangchuk Rinzin

Course: Bachelor of Arts

Institute: University of New Brunswick, Canada

Really helpful and they really go into detail with everything so nothings missed out and you don’t need any last minute changes.
Grateful to have had them consulting me with my visa process.

Name: Kuenzang Dorji

Course: Master of Information Technology

Institute: Murdoch University, Australia

Best service provided within BHUTAN. The staffs are professional and friendly. If you are planning to apply for study in Australia, BYB is the best for you. CHEERS.

Name: Rigzin Thinley

Course: Master of Data Science

Institute: Edith Cowan University

My experience with Build Youth Bhutan was excellent! The staffs are professional, friendly and approachable. In just three days, we got our visas! If you guys are looking to apply for an Australian visa, I would highly recommend this consultancy.

Name: Nima Zangpo

Course: Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced)

Institute: Murdoch University

I am immensely thankful to “BYB” for their valuable guidance and support to achieve my goal. I got my visa grant in less than a week. Staffs are helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. If anyone is looking for an education consultant to study abroad then I’d strongly recommend BYB’s service.

Name: Karma Wangdi

Course: Master of Education (Advanced)

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

Excellent service, perfect guidance and approachable counsellor. Got my VISA within a week. If you have overseas study plan, this is the Best consultancy you are looking for. I will rate you five star for your service and performance. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan team.

Name: Tandin Tshewang

Course: Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

I highly recommend Build Youth Bhutan Consultancy for anyone who is struggling with the next steps for the education who wants to study abroad. I wanted to go abroad for further studies but had no idea how to go by until I knew about Build Youth Bhutan Consultancy from my aunt. Since I contacted them, they guided me and they really cares about their clients. They have a deep understanding of their craft and have done a great job communicating with me through the process. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan Consultancy for your guidance till the end and lastly I recommend them to anyone looking to study abroad for their support and guidance.
Thank You

Name: Pema Namgyel

Course: Advanced Diploma of Surveying

Institute: TAFE International Western Australia

I highly recommend BYB education consultancy. The service providers are very professional, attentive and willing to help, this is why, if you have interest in studying abroad, BYB education consultancy is the best option for you, you definitely should contact the consultant and they’ll help you throughout the whole process. This information is from the experience I had with the consultancy. Once again as mentioned earlier I highly recommend this Consultancy

Name: Sonam R. Chophel

Course: Master of Business Administration International

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

BYB rendered utmost professional service to achieve my visa. I highly recommend BYB for their service and advice. I thank team BYB with my sincere gratitude for their support, advice and professional service rendered to me.

Name: Dema Chenzom

Course: Master of Education (Advanced)

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

Thank you Build Youth Bhutan for your continuous support to this family (ap tsheri and aum) in obtaining visa to study, live and earn in Australia.
Immense thanks to the BYB for processing our visas without an agent fees. That was a big saving.
We had full faith and trust in your experiences and expertises, so we made no mistake in availing your service even from abroad.
Shall always remain thankful to your consultancy for your efficiency.
Of course, we do recommend our families and friends to the Build Youth Bhutan
Kardingchey la.

Name: Raju Tamang

Course: Advanced Diploma in Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

Institute: Humber College, Canada

It is really great to see a family like agent help you get and make your dreams and land you are flying come closer each day. It is because of their outmost care, support and help rendered upon me that made my thoughts and paperwork come to a reality. Things became more easier. It followed each and every step and process. There were no flaws that would have rejected my application. You can rest assured, no flaws will be there. Go for Build Youth Bhutan and make your dreams come true in a easier, faster and more convenient way.

Name: Kinga Tshering

Course: Master of Human Resource Management

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

Thank you very much BYB for your continued support till the end. I took a right decision by selecting you as my education consultant.

Name: Sonam Chophel`

Course: Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Institute: University of New Brunswick, Canada

The services Build youth Bhutan provide is quite remarkable,quick and effective but most importantly very much attentive to their clients requirements. So grateful and happy with the service Build Youth Bhutan has been providing till date.

Name: Sejal Sharma

Course: Bachelor of Arts

Institute: University of New Brunswick, Canada

Efficient and reliable. I’d definitely recommend everyone to avail their service if you are looking for a way to make your dreams of studying abroad become a reality faster.

Name: Karma Yoezer

Course: Master of Business Administration International

Institute: Edith Cowan University, Australia

My visa to Australia was refused few months earlier. Despite the disappointment, I still continued approaching few consultancies but only to be turned down. I was told that I needed to wait at least a year (cooling period) before I apply for a visa again.
I fully understand the prudent needs in cases when the visa is rejected, but what saddened me most was that they simply didn’t wanted to take my case in spite of all the risks I was ready to take to begin with.
On the other hand, I am very grateful to Build Youth Bhutan for accepting me as their client. They left no stone unturned to get me a visa. Even after knowing my chances were against all odds, they accepted me and today I received a call saying that my visa is granted.
Thank you Build Youth Bhutan for keeping HOPES ALIVE!

Name: Sonam Jamtsho

Course: Tourism - Travel Services Management

Institute: Humber College, Canada

Would definitely recommend BYB for all the young aspiring youths who are trying abroad for a better future . Personally through my experience , BYB have been supporting me since the day one and i am always grateful for their efficient and overwhelming support .

Name: Yidthrog Phuntshok Norzin

Course: Bachelor degree in business management

Institute: University of New Brunswick, Canada

Made the visa application process so much easier for me. Proper guidance throughout the application process, biometrics and the waiting period really helped ease my mind. Definitely recommend this place is you have any confusion regarding college, visa or other education related issues. Everyone is super friendly and easy to work with.

Name: Roseleen Kafley

Course: B.Sc Physics with Honours

Institute: University of New Brunswick, Canada

Thank you BYB !
I availed service from this firm and I got my VISA approved .Build youth Bhutan is a Great consultant and I highly recommend you to avail their firm if you are applying for Study Abroad . Inspite of the unprecedented times of COVID 19 pandemic they adapted to new challenges and efficiently help me with the application .
BYB is a great consultant who works hard , is confident and persistent in delivering their service!
Additionally the Staffs are very approachable, kind , help ful and deliver excellent service .


Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Honours

Institute: Edith Cowan University

I decided to use “BUILD YOUTH BHUTAN” an education agent based in Bhutan to process my onshore visa application after I heard they do not charge any service fees for onshore students. I had also heard good things about them from other students who came to Perth. The other reason for choosing them was their assurance to obtain all the necessary documents from agencies in Bhutan such as bank statement, properties certificates etc for my GTE assessment. True to their word, they helped with all the documentation and also made substantial improvement in my SOP. My visa for the bachelor program at ECU is now approved.
Thank you BUILD YOUTH BHUTAN for my hassle free visa

Name: Puja Upreti

Course: Master of Professional Accounting Advanced

Institute: Murdoch University

First of all would like to thank entire team for immense support. To talk about the team, the member are down to earth,strong determination and cooperative…despite many lapses from us the team never gave up and followed up with the best alternative ways to make this effort a great success.
we would like to recommend to opt the service. outcome is 100% yes!

Name: Karma Thinley

Course: Master of International Hospitality Management

Institute: Edith Cowan University

Build Youth Bhutan has efficient staff, every bit of process came with absolute professionalism and they dedicate 100% service to their clients. I strongly recommend the agent!

Name: Tshering Peldon

Course: Master of Education Advanced

Institute: Edith Cowan University

A heartfelt thank you to Build Youth Bhutan for their tireless guidance and support to help make my long-awaited journey to my study destination. I have my sincere gratitude to each staff working there who is approachable, ever ready to serve and respond to each client anytime and anywhere. Go for Build Youth if you truly wish to accomplish in what you dream today!

Name: Sangay Choda

Course: Master of Engineering (Specialisation in Electrial Power Engineering)

Institute: Edith Cowan University

Studying and upgrading my Qualification along with visiting Australia has been my top priority and this has been fulfilled by Build Youth Bhutan. The Consultancy firm is very specific to their work and give their best in providing whatsoever information required or enquired by the applicant. what really impressed me is the concern they have for each and every applicant and how particular they are with each checklist when applying for student visa overseas. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan

Name: Tenzin Nangsel

Course: Bachelor of Nursing in Nursing (Major)

Institute: Murdoch University

You can trust Build Youth Bhutan with your eyes closed!
I was very impressed with their professionalism and dedication they showed throughout the visa process. I deeply appreciate the time spent working on every detail and understanding what i was looking forward to. It is very hard to find a good consultancy with so much work experience and they have a set of successful staff who will help you till the end.
I wish Build Youth Bhutan a continued success in your work helping others achieve their dream.

Name: Tshewang Lham

Course: Master of Business Administration International

Institute: Edith Cowan University

Very professional and organized. Efficient and reliable service at minimal charges. Friendly staff. The consultancy gave detailed information about the documents needed and responded promptly to queries. Their fast service led to my visa approval in less than 2 weeks. My friends who had applied through other consultancies complained of bad service and delayed correspondences some even leading to deferment. I highly recommend Build Youth Bhutan.

Name: Tshering Wangchuk

Course: Diploma of Remedial Massage + Bachelor of Science (Sports & Exercise)

Institute: North Metropolitan TAFE + ECU, Australia

I applied for Diploma of Remedial Massage at TAFE, leading to Bachelor of Science (Sport & Exercise) at ECU. I has apprehension about the visa outcome as I had heard that Australian visa can be difficult. But with the professional advice and guidance of Build Youth Bhutan counsellor, I got my visa in 9 days. I really admire their professionalism.

Name: Tshering Delker

Course: Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management

Institute: Humber College, Toronto, Canada

The Build Youth Bhutan agent helped me get through the visa process to study at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada. The team is very efficient and guided us on every step. The visa was granted in less than a month after i applied because of the prompt actions taken by the whole team. We will forever be grateful to the whole team for your continued support and highly recommended.

Name: Jamyang Choden

Course: Master of Education (Advanced)

Institute: Edith Cowan University

I am very glad that I chose Build Youth Bhutan as my education consultant to help me achieve my desire to study in Australia. The welcoming and motivating attitudes of staffs and manager have  been a strong reasons for me to get through all the processes and  finally  granting my visa.  I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the agent for rendering me the best services at a minimal cost and I am sure I could  have not received such services from any other sources

Name: Damcho Dorji

Course: Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Wildlife Biology)

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“I have always wanted to upgrade my qualification (Diploma in Forestry) to overcome the stagnation in career advancement prevalent in Civil Service for not having adequate qualification. I approached Build Youth Bhutan ECPF and received the best advice and guidance to pursue a Bachelor program in Australia. It was with their guidance and methodological counseling approach that ECU approved credits for my existing diploma qualification which not only reduces tuition fees, but also duration. I will now be able to complete the Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Wildlife Biology) in less than three years at ECU

I was also equally impressed by the welcoming attitude of the friendly staff and the proprietor who takes upon himself to review the SOP thoroughly. All these made me feel comfortable and confident, and it was no surprise that my visa application was successful. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan for your wonderful support and services.”




Name: Vicky Namgyel

Course: Master of Business Administration International

Institute: Edith Cowan University

Hello, my name is Vicky Namgyel and I’m currently in Perth pursuing my Masters in Business Administration (International) through the help of Build Youth Bhutan, an overseas education Consultancy. With their specialized skills and close knit networking skills they are one of the best agencies around that cater to your educational demands. In the pursuit of my hopes of finding the right agency to work with I have come across quiet a few that work hard but none have matched the services provided by this agency simply because of how each member of the organization including the CEO takes active part in each of the steps of your paperwork and guides you through the process with constant calls, text messages, reminders and not to mention taking extra precautionary steps. I’m currently in Perth, Australia because of their services and I happily recommend Build Youth Bhutan to anyone who also wishes to pursue studies abroad.

Name: Sangay Yoezer Wangchuk

Course: Bachelor of Commerce

Institute: Deakin University

“With only two months left I did not think I would make it in time for college as I was loosing time. The proprietor and staff at Build Youth Bhutan were very efficient and helpful. From what I experienced it wasn’t just a client based relationship but they showed huge concerns and cared about my future as they counseled about the future market.
Towards the end, with such little time left they really worked for my college and visa application and it was successful. I m really glad I chose Build Youth Bhutan to help me achieve my goals”

Name: Pema Tshering

Course: Master of Professional Design

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“I sought the services of Build Youth Bhutan for my dream to study in Australia. I was impressed by their attention to detail services. I knew then that I was in the right hands and my dreams came true. Thank you Build Youth Bhutan for making it happen.”

Name: Tashi Dorji

Course: Master of Professional Accounting

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“You are sure to be sure provided you get it done through competent and reliable Consultancy Firm. Thanks BYB”

Name: Ugyen Choda

Course: Master of Project Management

Institute: Edith Cowan University

“Thank you Buildyouth Bhutan for your awesome service. It would not have been possible without such support like yours.”

Name: Rinchen Wangmo

Course: Master of Communication

Institute: Murdoch University

“Thank you Build Youth Bhutan. Your services set you apart from the rest.”

Name: Minjur Dorji

Course: Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced)

Institute: Murdoch University

“Thank you Build Youth Bhutan and all other Institutions and Individuals who helped me to sail our ship in our dream ocean. I shall always remain grateful to you ALL for your timeless support and guidance”

Name: Dorji Wangmo

Course: Master of Community Development

Institute: Murdoch University

“Thank you so much Build Youth Bhutan for your GREAT SUPPORT and GUIDANCE towards achieving my dream. The GRATITUDE I have for you can hardly be expressed by words.
Thank you for EVERYTHING”

Name: Chimi Selden Wangmo

Course: Certificate III in Aviation [Cabin Crew]

Institute: South Metropolitan TAFE

“The day I stepped into their office, the friendly staff made me feel comfortable with their polite attitude and detailed counseling. They would follow with calls and email reminder if anything was amiss. I am so thankful for having chosen the right education agent. Kadrinche Build Youth Bhutan .”

Name: Sangay Euden

Course: Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

Institute: North Metropolitan TAFE

“Thank you Buildyouth Bhutan family for all your support. The friendly staff provided detailed guidance during the documentation for visa filing. After reaching Australia, I have come to appreciate the pre-departure information session provided by them. I am now better prepared to study and live in Australia. True professionals!”

Name: Jigme Jamtsho

Course: Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Civil and Structural Engineering

Institute: North Metropolitan TAFE

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” 
Thanks for everything….Build Youth Bhutan”

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