Build Youth Bhutan

Build Youth Bhutan is an Education Consultancy and Placement Firm operating under the business name “Build Youth Bhutan Education Consultancy and Placement Firm” with registration No.1029816 issued on 23/07/2013 by Regional Trade and Industry Office under Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are regulated by the Department of Adult and Higher Education wing of the Ministry of Education.

The firm has been in active business operation since August 2013.

About the promoter

The firm is owned and managed by Mr Pema Tashi. Build Youth Bhutan takes pride in having one of the only two certified QEAC in Bhutan. The promoter, Mr Pema Tashi is a certified QEAC with the QEAC No.O162. He has also lived in Perth Australia for two years in 2011-2012. The firsthand knowledge of culture and Australian way of life is important in counseling students and sharing factual  information.

How we came into existence

The mismatch between job-seekers and employers has become a challenge. There is growing concern of rise in unemployment in the country despite shortage of labor force. The youth unemployment in Bhutan is greatly contributed by mismatch between the job-seekers skills and industry requirement. Bhutan today sees large scale import of manpower from neighboring India and other countries to fill the gap in skilled manpower in various vocation and industry.

Youth and students now recognize this paradox, and are well aware that they now need to make themselves employable by equipping themselves with the right professional skills and educational qualification. But this is easier said than done. While the country boasts of very high literacy rate, there are very few institutions and training providers that really make the student job-ready. The limited intake capacity in the few government training institutes and colleges is another major hurdle for those seeking to pursue further training and education. Every year, more than 6000 plus young Bhutanese who complete year 12 seek admissions outside Bhutan. They are indeed potential candidates for the future of Bhutan who require good guidance and quality education. On top of that, more than 2000 youth graduate every year from colleges and universities.

In this every-changing economy, a need exists for our young people to be self-reliant, visionary entrepreneurs, creating opportunity and bold futures for themselves. Relying on government and employers to provide these solutions is not a realistic or successful recourse. The solution to this dilemma is to afford students the opportunity to develop themselves into skilled professionals through training and education in highly reputed education institutions and training providers.

It is in this regard that Build Youth Bhutan came into existence to float opportunities of learning, rich interaction with people from diverse culture and backgrounds to young people in reputed and internationally accredited universities, colleges and training institutions.

Legal information of the firm

Name of Promoter
Pema Tashi
Citizenship Identity Number
Registered Business Name
Build Youth Bhutan Education Consultancy & Placement Firm
Trading Name
Build Youth Bhutan
Regulating body
Department of Adult & Higher Education
Business License Number
Registered Office Address
Unit G02, Building #21, Kunzang Lam, Changangkha, Thimphu
Contact Information
Telephone : 00975-2-324885
Fax : 00975-2-324884
Email :

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Build Youth Bhutan thus has following structures, vision, mission and objectives in mind in helping young people find their future in their learning.


Be the most trusted Education Consultancy Agent for global education opportunities.


Provide students the best educational consultancy service for a wonderful and invigorating learning experience through collaboration with reputed colleges, universities and training providers.


Build Youth Bhutan’s objectives of setting up this consultancy service are to:

  • Build leaders of tomorrow today by offering the right skills and qualification programs that not only benefit the individuals but the nation as a whole;
  • Help every individual make right choice of colleges and programs based on the aptitude and passion of his or her own.
  • Provide opportunity to Bhutanese a window to immigrate to those first world countries that welcome immigrants through better education and skills.
  • Maintain


Build Youth Bhutan has following facilities for the clients and parents in place.

  • Adequate Office Space with parking space
  • Internet facility (Wi-Fi)
  • Telephone facility & Information Board
  • Conference hall equipped with brochures and literature of different colleges and universities.

Available Services to clients

We provide end-to-end services to the students

  • Enrolment in college/university and obtaining offer letter
  • Verification of documents/testimonials for pre-qualification criteria
  • Review of statement of purpose
  • On-line visa application filing
  • Pre-departure briefing/orientation to give students a good understanding of the host country environment, work rights and immigration laws.
  • Facilitate payment of tuition fees and visa fees
  • Facilitate refund of tuition fee payment from colleges for students whose visa is refused
  • Free scanning and photocopying of documents
  • Facilitate Skype interviews by education providers


As of 31st December 2018,  Build Youth Bhutan has successfully placed more than 200 students in various education providers in Australia. For a small country like Bhutan with  small population of about 700000 and even smaller client base, the figure is quite an achievement. We believe in low volume and high quality. As a result our visa success rate for student recruitment for Australia  has always been very high.